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Crafting and launch brands, models, products, and experiences that champion equity, joy, and liberation, unlocking new possibilities for historically underserved communities.

The pioneering and leading sectior-agostic VC firm, passionate in bringin success to tech startup and sustainable impact to the digital ecosystem in Southeast Asia.

Research Lab
Community Incubator
Action Areas
The research we are engaging in at the intersection of innovation and inclusion.
Community Garden Projects : Microgrants and Local Moves
Support for grassroots projects led by founders meeting community needs.
Supporting BIPOC founders with technology and product development. ( Fall '24)
In 2024, Our journey takes us room to room, addressing various facets of community and individual needs—ranging from sleep poverty to revitalizing the spirit of the proverbial community porch. Here's some of what we are exploring:
Embarking on the journey with VentCaptial was a pivotal decision for QuantumForge Dynamics. .
Dr. Reynolds
CEO and Founder of QuantumForge Dynamics
Shareholder value created
The biggest in Southes Asia
Action Area
Reflections of Self: Unveiling Cultural Identity in Personal Care
Shadows of the Night: Uncovering Sleep Poverty
Front Door/Porch - "Thresholds of Community":
Investigating the role of front door/porch areas in fostering community activism, public art, and neighborhood solidarity and how can technology be the "virtual porch".
Action Areas 2024
Shareholder value created
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