Work Stories : Building a Business Model for a radically egalitarian organization determined to dismantle white supremacy in 5 Industries
February 27, 2024

The Harriet Tubman Effect ( HTE) institute Is a multi-arm organization  rooted in the **spirit of historical justice, and advocacy of Harriet Tubman ,*started by Nicole Johnson  Their mission is to dismantle systemic oppression and usher in a new era of empathy by producing participatory-action research, human resource initiatives, and reallocating wealth to Black and Brown DEI consultants and researchers across American industries.

HTE has made a name for itself; with clients such as

It’s a rapidly growing organization with a deep and ambitious mission.

Their work is rooted in the spirit of historical justice, and advocacy of Harriet Tubman, Tubman and countless others have instilled within us the courage to run toward our due freedom and liberate our brothers and sisters along the way. We take our first steps now - as researchers, practitioners, and leaders who collectively commit to resisting white supremacy, developing relevant work for our communities, and galvanizing empathy across cultures.

After a series of one-on-one with our one-on-one sessions with Founder Nicole Johnson , we were ready to begin expanding our work with the newly created sustainability team.

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