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Shadows of the Night: Uncovering Sleep Poverty

Understanding sleep poverty as a multifaceted issue influenced by social, economic, and environmental factors.

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Why Sleep Matters to Us All
+50 to 70 million
Sleep disorders affect 50 to 70 million American adults, with insomnia being notably more prevalent among women than men.
$411 billion
The economic impact of insufficient sleep in the United States is estimated to exceed $411 billion annually, underscoring the significant societal and economic consequences of sleep deprivation.
Of adults get less than the recommended seven hours of sleep per night, shedding light on a widespread issue of sleep insufficiency

In our exploration of sleep within BIPOC communities, we delve deep into the intertwined layers of culture, environment, and systemic disparities that shape the narrative of rest. This journey reveals sleep not merely as a personal health matter but as a complex social phenomenon, where historical injustices and contemporary inequalities converge to influence sleep quality and access.

We will be exploring personal stories, featuring intimate narratives from women and BIPOC individuals who experience sleep poverty. Inclusion of sleep researchers, sociologists, and public health experts who can provide a broader understanding of sleep poverty, its causes, and its impacts. Plus the historical context of sleep for historically marginalized communities.

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