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Unite for Her is a non-profit organization committed to supporting women diagnosed with breast cancer. The organization provides holistic care and support, ensuring these women have access to essential services and benefits throughout their journey. As the organization grew, the need for a comprehensive digital solution to manage and track these benefits became critical. They envisioned an intuitive web app that could provide members with real-time visibility of their available services.

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The Challenge

The challenge lay in translating this vision into a seamless, user-friendly digital product. Unite for Her's development team had the technical skills but needed guidance on service design clarity, facilitation, and creating a custom user journey. This is where our role as a business designers became crucial. Our objective was to bring together the client, product managers, and developers to effectively gather requirements, design the database model, and finally build the web app.

The Approach

Service Design Clarity

We started by establishing a common understanding of the app’s objectives and its intended users. Through workshops and brainstorming sessions, we outlined the core services and benefits offered by Unite for Her and how they should be represented digitally. Business designers played a key role in this phase, using their understanding of business strategy and service design to ensure alignment between the app's functionalities and the organization's mission.


The Approach/ 


Our next step was to facilitate effective communication between the business designers, product managers, and developers. We used agile methodologies and tools to foster collaboration, ensure transparency, and manage workflow. Regular meetings, feedback sessions, and iteration cycles were introduced to keep the project on track and everyone on the same page.

Main Features / 

Requirement Gathering: We then moved to the crucial phase of requirement gathering. We work with Revel. the technology partner and leveraged their expertise in understanding user needs and translating them into functional requirements. We also used the workshop as an opportunity to understand what users expected from the app. The resulting data provided a clear roadmap for the development team.

Designing the Database Model: With a clear set of requirements, our next task was to design the database model. Here, the developers played a central role, utilizing their technical skills to ensure the database was robust, scalable, and secure. We facilitated workshops to help the team understand the data relationships and structures needed to support the app's functionality.

The Solution

The end result was a full understanding of what needs to happen to build a user-centric web app that allowed Unite for Her members to track their benefits and services efficiently.
With our service design blueprint, Members could now manage their benefits in real-time, reducing confusion and streamlining their journey.  And functions that will decrease in administrative overhead, allowing them to focus more resources on their mission: providing holistic support to women with breast cancer.

Workshop like these highlight the importance of integrating business design, product management, and development in creating a successful digital product. By ensuring these different roles worked in harmony, we were able to help Unite for Her and the Revel team create a web app that truly served its users' needs and aligned with the organization's mission.

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