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Overcoming Toxic Assumptions To Connect With Men

As part of their mission to make both men and women feel equally important when it comes to becoming a member of NOOM, NOOM challenged us in finding new ways of positioning their value proposition to increase membership amongst men.In order to truly understand what motivates men to consider a tool like NOOM we first had to discover why the prospect of getting healthy with Noom would be appealing to them and how they could make it more exciting offer.
By digging deeper and finding out more about how men interact with other fitness aids, we used the members' internal customer and operational databases, audited the website, and spoke to the consumers familiar with digital aids as part of their fitness journey one-on-one.We discovered one of the biggest barriers to men becoming a member laid in biases around  seeking community and support to reach fitness goals.Instead of focusing on the hardest to win groups we wanted to know who more about the men who would be willing to try a trial.

We created an attribution scale to discover what are the key characteristics present in the ideal prospective Noom member. Not only a member who would sign up but be more likely to commit to being a member for a minimum of 3 months.In the process of developing over a dozen of possible solutions for increasing participation of male or male-identified individuals and engagement, we decided to organize the solutions into a destination map.

A visual way to illustrate the likeliness of consideration - with details from our psychographic profiles as check points, barriers, constraints or opportunities for advancement - beautifully illustrated and printed as a large format for the team.

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