The Harriet Tubman Effect ( HTE) institute Is a multi-arm organization  rooted in the spirit of historical justice, and advocacy of Harriet Tubman ,started by Nicole Johnson  Their mission is to dismantle systemic oppression and usher in a new era of empathy by producing participatory-action research, human resource initiatives, and reallocating wealth to Black and Brown DEI* consultants and researchers across American industries.

The Challenge

 After a series of one-on-one meetings with Founder Nicole Johnson, we were ready to move our work with the newly formed sustainability team to the next level with a liberatory design sprint. The three days were structured around three discussions: (1) HTE's - Current Sustainability Strategy and opportunities; and (2) our founder, Nicole Johnson's, vision for future products and services.


Guding Questions
+ History & HealingAcknowledging
+ Dismantling Power ConstructsDefining + Assessing the Topic / Community Needs 
+Defining the Reallocation of Wealth for Purpose
+ Ideating Approach Reallocation of wealth strategy


How might we recognize the engine this built and use it for sustainability?
How might determine a base income that meets a standard level of health?
How might we sustain the fellows and staff?
How might we determine financial numbers/goals and reparations?


Guiding Questions
Understand the relationship of being an HR partner for clients
How does HTE serve as an HR partner?
What are HTE’s boundaries for discussions that are more than workplace complaints but that are more severe?
What is the cost structure of such a partnership?
What are the key resources for such a partnership?
Who could serve as our key partner so HTE is not forced to specialize in too many things?

The Goal

We needed a plan for long-term success to back up a layered business and an egalitarian organizational structure that stayed true to HTE's values about the redistribution of wealth and equity.

Here are the few takeways from our time together.

Mission Model
The‘Mission Model’ describes the core purpose of a business by providing laser focus on the target mission that it seeks to achieve, while laying out how the business to pull stakeholders toward its future vision.
Our Strategy statment for the Mission Model
Customers B
Client /Research Fellows
Two-Sided Market
Anne Clemmings
Retail Assistant

"We are Karmic Insurance Agents."

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Defining the Customer Journey, Places to Belong, Places to Commit

We wanted a more natural interpretation of funnels, whereas conventional marketing views them as fairly linear. We wanted to challenge that idea. 

We created a customer journey based on the idea of creating Places to Belong, Place to Commit.
We came to the conclusion that for future participants to fully comprehend and embrace what it means to belong at HTE,  there needed to be recurring circles within these individuals' lives as they came into contact with different aspects of how we wanted each person to engage and grow within HTE.

Breaking down the crucial moments and critical stages for people to go from encountering the mission of HTE to supporting it with time and monetary commitment.

Our Key Partners

A Product Portfolio that matches the Customer Journey

As a result, a roadmap and product portfolio were made that made use of HTE's current resources, and a partner strategy was made for future projects.

In creating our services, we focused on how might we incorporate human connection and transformation into every step of the process.
What does it look to scale using  evergreen products such as assessment products for clients.
Arrange a
Virtual Coffee