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Every Plate recognized that one of the most significant barriers to long-term usage of meal delivery kits was the affordability issue far after the typical promotional period.
It was about more than out-bidding competitors for the lowest prices. To better compete with the other meal delivery giants, the team needed to learn how to best communicate the value of their delivery kit to families.

Our next steps included rethinking the target markets and even more detailed segmentation of their target customers. A detailed analysis revealed an opportunity to expand in less densely populated smaller cities, counties, and towns - customers who lived in food desserts. Informed first by the Food Access Research Atlas and then validated through collaborative community research, we carved up the meal delivery market into a series of highly targetable segments based on the numerous food deserts that plague North America.

We conducted in-depth research to find out how much the average family outside of heavily populated city areas spent on food with the core question; how do we link time saved on shopping with a sustainable pricing strategy for families on a tight budget leading us. Then created a shift in strategy to go even more localized in their promotions that allowed the team to compare weekly items from their "closest " grocery or market" options that were too difficult to access.

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