Why are frameworks so readily shelved after the design company or the agency or the consultants leave?

Published on
February 4, 2023

Since publishing my article on Medium, Why I Am Tired of Your Design Thinking I've been having the most fruitful satisfying, and validating conversations around design thinking, similar methodologies, and culture.

In a world where every side hustle has to make money, and every conversation has to be shared publicly - selfishly, many of these conversations are just for me. As I grew into the founder equity, strategist equity, and accessibility and inclusion champion, I spent years feeling isolated in my field and perspective.

I reached out to Matt to have an even more in-depth conversation around design thinking. His 20 plus year career included roles like Instructor at the Art Institute, managing director at Buildit with Wipro, and currently serving as the Global Head of User Experience at Mocha Global.

Reaching out to Matt was one of the best things that I have done. It was a deeply nourishing and insightful conversation. Some of my favorite highlights included hearing about his take on accessibility, the pros and cons of the Google Design Sprint over design thinking, and too many nuggets left on the cutting room floor. 

It's encouraging to know there are people like him doing fantastic work and willing to talk and mentor those who are still growing up.
Here's just a snippet of our conversation. I encourage you to listen to it on your next walk. There's something about how Matt communicates the depth of his experience, humility, and hopes for better designing. If you can't, the transcript will be up tomorrow.
I hope to continue this conversation and make it not a trend to see actual chains in the world of design thinking.

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