OPENHOUSE Residency : Ownership Is Inclusion and Our 2023 Action Areas

Published on
February 16, 2023

The impact of Black and Brown people and the use and creation of technology is only now being unearthed. The closer we look, the more we can see how the United States—and the world—have benefited tremendously from new technologies, scientific breakthroughs, and artistic and creative products invented by Black and Brown people. 

We see it in through enslaved people who brought with them a wealth of technological know-how and ways of doing things that they used to adapt to their new surroundings in the United States. 

In how the Indigenous people of America made it possible for colonizers to fish in marshy water through the unique architecture of canoes. 

We see it again during the Reconstruction era when the number of patents for black laborers, such as mechanics, blacksmiths, homemakers, and farmworkers, increased dramatically following the Civil War. 

Black and Brown people have always had an immediate impact on the technology around them, utilizing ancient talents, establishing new ones, and reshaping and changing the character of others. 

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