Inclusive Innovation: Plum Perfect

Published on
February 4, 2023

Founder: Asmau Ahmed of Plum Perfect

In a world where photos rapidly replace text as the #1 mode of communication, Asmau Ahmed saw an opportunity—mining the color data in images to help shoppers make informed purchases and sellers produce effective advertisements. Plum Perfect helps beauty brands serve a personalized digital shopping experience to women of color. What could have easily been a B2C company, Plum Perfect's technology integrates with a beauty company's website to recommend products suited for the client's color profile and explain why they've chosen the products.

The world of beauty and technology integration is still emerging. As a surprise to no one, it has left black and brown consumers underwhelmed with the solutions created for them or the ineffectiveness that might work on lighter or fairer skin tones. It's an issue intertwined with a host of topics from honest and bias AI conversation and mainstream beauty standards.

Asmau Ahmed aims to build an accessible technology that makes personalized shopping simple for everyone and gives users the instant gratification they crave in today's on-demand market.  With the help of her team - she spent nearly eight years analyzing over 16 million colors to refine the patented color-recommendation technology behind the Plum Perfect app. She is 1 of 93 Black women to have raised over $1 Million in outside venture funding as of 2020.

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