Becoming OPENHOUSE , A New Name and A New Face As we Double Down on Community

Published on
February 4, 2023

Welcome to OpenHouse!

SLCo & Agency is now Openhouse!

This rebrand is my dedication to doubling down on the community, access, and equity as the future of business. 

As a founder in the last three years, I became increasingly tired of platitudes of false promises of change with new frameworks. Of co-opted ideas not centered on equity, 

But also felt for the many founders who wanted to follow through on those promises. But they felt they did not have the resources, know-how, or support to follow through without compromising their sustainability. 

I  understand the gap between who and how you may want your business to show up in the world, and the actual practice of it may seem daunting. But that is what we are here to do at OpenHouse: help you close the gap between intent and impact, find the balance between growth and responsibility, sustainability as a business, and equity.

And by closing the gap, here are some things I hope to see.

  •  A world where we can be intentional about the resources we use from the earth, 
  • The move towards intertwined businesses in our communities creates opportunities for mutual aid, accountability, co-creation, worker-owned, and other generative and generous models. 
  • Resources being shared between larger businesses and organizations to smaller businesses.
  • In a multi-generational and inclusive economy, meaning from 18-100, you have an opportunity to have Agency over your work, 
  • A push towards less consumption 
  • Understanding and building the future of technology together that  is made with consent and accessibility
  • Where BIPOC founders get to own their ideas. 
  • Products and solutions that center the 
  • Designing for those in the margins

And 100 more audacious goals I hope to continue sharing with you. 

We are building a place for all of us to thrive.

You are welcome here. 

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